FutureX SKI9000

Manage, inject, and store your Point of Sale encryption keys

Eliminating the costly manual process of injecting multiple keys one at a time, the SKI9000 key injection solution is streamlined without compromising on speed, security, or stability. Once the keys have been loaded in a secure injection facility, the SKI9000 can inject up to 16 Point of Sale devices at the same time, with the advanced ability to load different types of keys simultaneously. Throughput is optimized further by the SKI9000’s support for a barcode scanner, enabling users to easily select the POS devices to be injected. High-speed label printers are also supported and can work directly with the SKI9000 to promote organization while expediting the injection process.

This efficient solution is facilitated by the easy-to-use GUI interface, which not only reduces errors and rework, but also significantly decreases the scope and cost of training. Most POS terminals, PIN pads, ATMs, mobile payment systems, and all symmetric key types are supported, making the SKI9000 a versatile and global solution for all manufacturers, merchants, and retailers.

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